Rock culture

With all of the driving I have been doing with travelling to uni, and my travels with work, the more I realise about trends with music genres. While pop is still pretty popular with radio stations such as nova, a common trend at the moment is reggae kind of songs like Beyoncés song Hold Up or the uprising hip hop artists Drakes One Dance. Along with thing this reggae genre, hip hop is also a very popular genre in the world. Christopher Hooton (2015) talks about this in his article saying that “The most interesting finding however is that hip-hop is the world’s top genre, showing up on playlists more than all others, regardless of geography or language”.

Beyonce(Beyoncé, Hold up, 2016)

Just in this year of the music I have been listening to on the radio, the more ‘rock’ kind of music has been released. While a lot of it has been English rock like The Beatles, I think that any kind of rock and its sub-genres will make a comeback in the next 5-10 years. Music artists will go back to relying on their music instruments instead of using technology, and people will start to appreciate this genre a lot more in the coming years.

I don’t believe it will be covers of these classic rock songs we have all heard of, but it will be more bands actually producing this style of music for everyone’s ears to hear.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset(Instruments, 2014)

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