Bottled Poetry reviewed

These are beautifully designed bottles by Dennis Sommer and in collaboration with Talita Santos that have been designed to capture the essence that is held in the bottle. Originated from Vienna, the alcohol that is inside the bottles have been made with the aspirations of partly forgotten ingredients and natural flavours that have been used to create a unique drink. The flavours that have been engineered by Karl P. Egger have been thought out by turning alchemy into science. He was influenced by inspirations taken from all over the world, and the scents have been dedicated to scents of natures wealth.The design of these series aims to merge creativity with alcoholic spirits. Every bottle has been dyed by the essence of the fruit that is inside the drink by hand, creating a tasty drink to match an aesthetic bottle.


I think that this design works extremely well. It creates a more calm vibe for its consumers which is something that alcoholic drinks, and alcohol in general, does not do. The design of the different colours and style also draws your attention to it, this is a great attribute as there are a lot of alcoholic drinks in the market. Even the design of the information about the bottle works really well, it uses a lot of white space that is in the middle that sort of resembles the bottle its self, with there being a cap at the top, then the alcohol with it being clear and then the colour. I love that the colours all match the taste that is meant to be inside the bottle, this makes the design as a whole work brilliantly well. Just looking at the bottle creates a distraction and makes you even forget that its even an alcoholic drink, which I believe may be a good thing.

The design is about combining the look with the taste. It obviously does this very well as we commonly associate colours with a certain fruit or something familiar. I think that along with the calm vibe, it also portrays a sense that you are going to be drowning yourself in water, but because the water is colourful, drowning yourself in these waters wouldn’t be as bad, it is somewhat inviting to its consumers to drown in their sorrows. I think that it is also a great design for the younger market. Using colours and a watercolour effect would really draw to the younger consumers when they are trying to pick out something to drink.

These series of bottles are very pleasing to the eye, this means it would catch anyones attention enough to at least pick up the bottle and read what it’s about, or they might see the bottle and think oh, that’s (raspberry for example) flavoured. I think that it is an extremely well design, it’s aesthetically pleasing, tells a story and conveys a meaning.


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