Web v Print

There are many differences and even some similarities between web based design and printed design, some differences being the colour space, document setup, and layout (which could also be similar). The most different thing between the both that I absolutely love about printed designs is that they are more tactically interactive.

You can add things to printed designs like textures, embossing, and printed effects that just don’t do justice when displayed on a screen, you actually need to touch it to experience it.

On the other hand, web based designs are really versatile and things can always be changed, unlike print where once its out, its out for good. With new technology emerging and people discovering new ways, webs are beginning to become more interactive too. This can be seen through websites that have parallax scrolling and use other methods to boost user experience like adding audio and videos.

I think it really comes down to what people prefer, like reading books on an iPad or through paper, they both have their pros and cons.


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