Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a method that people use to improve the visibility of their website and content when people search for certain keywords. Because the internet is becoming a huge part of our lives, businesses started to utilise SEO to advertise their websites for business growth (Visser & Weideman, 2014). SEO is something that WordPress also offers.

Visser and Weideman (2014) describe SEO as “an online marketing strategy”. Since the internet is commonly the place to go when searching for somewhere to eat, someone to cater at your party, or someone to design your logo, using SEO is really one of the best online marketing strategies to use. If someone is searching for someone to design something for them, I would love for my website to be the first thing that pops up on their search engine. As I aspire to sometime in my career have my own studio or be a freelancer, SEO is something that would benefit greatly to me, and other smaller businesses as these make up approximately 95% of all businesses in a majority of countries (Visser & Weideman, 2014).

Visser, E. & Weideman, M. (2014). Fusing website usability and search engine op misa on. SA Journal Of Information On Management16(1).




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