We’re going on a Bear Hunt

This is the first group project of the first studio class that I am encountering of the many, I presume, that are to come. While I really enjoy working alone because I don’t have to rely on anyone else and I can just work in my own space and at the pace that I want, working in groups is also very beneficial. Working in groups I think creates more creative work pieces because you all feed off of each other and can receive feedback from one another in an instant. You pitch an idea to your team and then someone else will usually always have an idea that feeds off of your idea that can make it better, this then can give you and everyone else more ideas.

The project that we are working on now, the Alice project, I love that it is in team work. The only one thing that I dislike about team work is that I always feel like I am not doing enough work in the team compared to some others but apart from this, this project has been very beneficial. Learning about paragraph styles, character styles and object styles in inDesign reminds me of a classic children’s book written by Michael Rosen, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.


In this story they face obstacles, like paragraph styles, they can’t go around them, just like we can’t override them, they have to face them and go through them. This is exactly what we have to do with paragraph, character and object styles. As annoying as they may seem at first, they actually turn out to be very beneficial and a tool that I wish I had learnt earlier for past assignments.


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