Collaboration Work (Studio 2)

For the last part of our trimester in studio we were to work with other students (or teacher in my case) to either work with them on assets for something of create something for them. The first one I did was a poster for the games department. As part of their project they completed games that were inspired by all different artists. I was to create a poster that showcased these artists works in a way that related to their project “Missile Command”.

It was hard at first trying to come to the terms of putting together all different artworks without it looking like a collage so when I was looking at inspiration I thought that the best way to show all these different artworks was through text. After gathering all of my inspiration and all of the artworks for the artists that I might want to use, I went straight to my sketchbook to sketch out all different ways I could put either the words “Missile Command” or “Artist Inspiration” onto a page.

After contacting the client we agreed on using text was the best way to communicate the ideas rather than putting them together like a collage. So I went ahead and tried out some of the ways of putting missile command on the page and also showed him what I was thinking of doing of showing the art through the text and also what I was thinking for the background.

poster ideas (dragged)games poster text (dragged)games poster text (dragged) 1background example

After talking to the client, we agreed on a text layout and he really liked the idea I had for the background. Once I added all of the artworks to the text and then added the artists names to it this is what I poster text 3.3

Then it was time for me to add it to the background. The original background I wanted to use didn’t really work well because it was a bit too busy and took too much focus away from the other art pieces so I decided to choose a different piece, but still from M.C. Escher.POSTER

I had to really think about which artist was going on which letter to balance out the colours a little bit throughout the whole thing. Once it was all together I was pretty happy with it but you couldn’t really see the text of the artists names, so I went ahead a took the artists names from the bigger text, and made it into a border around the side. I showed the client both of these and he liked the one with the text around the sides better. So after a few fix ups this was my final handover for this client.

missile command poster_3

For my second collaboration I did, I chose to redo one of the games students webpage design that he has his game featuring on. His game was based off of an artist names Sarah Morris. Her stuff is really geometric and bright so I tried to make my own version and interpretation of her work. I planned to create the banner, the background, and a display image but after creating the banner I thought that a background would be too much and would take away from the banner so I wanted to keep it plain. I had also planned to upload these onto his webpage for him so I could also change the font and the colours but there was a lack of communication so I wasn’t able to do this. This could have been avoided if I had of maybe grabbed some extra contact details off of him apart form just his email address.

I first showed him a little draft of what I was thinking for the banner and the colour pallet and he really liked the idea that I was heading towards, except he wanted the colour pallet changed a bit.

missile command - sarah morris-01

After changing the colour pallet and completing the design, keeping in mind to balance out the colours, I was really happy with how it turned out although I would have liked to add it to his page.


Impressionism or Post-Impressionism? (studio 2)

Upon doing some research on a Van Gogh and watching someone create an impressionist painting I saw a comment that someone had written saying that this in fact was not impressionism and that it was post-impressionism, so it got me thinking, what is the difference between these two?

Claude Monte, Impression, Sunrise, 1873. Paul Cézanne, The Banks of the Marne, 1888.

Impressionism began early in the 1870’s, starting with Claude Monte. Claire Fuller (2015) says that Monte was truly the founding father of impressionism as it was merely named after his painting Impression, Sunrise. Of course they did not call themselves impressionists, they referred to themselves as The Anonymous Society of Artists, Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers (Brodskaia, ). Most of the impressionists had a shared goal of being modern artists and they all followed the technique paved by Monet of immediate perception, rejecting the romantic ideals and driving towards painting a modern reality (Fuller, 2015). Impressionism is made up of artists like Frédéric Bazille, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley and Mary Cassatt.

Edgar Degas, Woman Combing her Hair, 1888-1890. Alfred Sisley, Avenue of Chestnut Trees at La Celle-Saint-Cloud, 1867.

Now on to Post-Impressionism, made up of artists such as Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat. In Fuller’s (2015) post she states that “Impressionism is the child of Realism (modern life) and Naturalism (objectivity), while Post-Impressionism is the fusion of Impressionism (modern technique) and Romanticism (subjectivity).” Post-Impressionists desires are to move beyond Impressionism, the immediate perception is dismissed and the artist uses their own personal and unique view of their surroundings and this altered expression is done with the use of medium. Post-Impressionism gave viewers of art a role of interpreting the art, rather than having them just passively observing them.

Paul Cézanne, Harlequin, 1888-1889. Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889.

Although I can appreciate both style of art movements, the post-impression would have to be my chosen out of the two. I like how they interpret their scenes and object how they want to interpret it, not just an actual representation of what is being seen in front of the viewer.


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Transhumanism (CIU211)

Transhumanists are all about overcoming the limitations of human nature. Our human nature being our capabilities and our emotions, they try to defy these by using new and advanced technology. By using this technology they are trying to enhance our capabilities such as how smart we can be. We have seen this portrayed in movies for decades, but something always tends to go wrong. Is this why we are so scared of changing human nature?

Although I don’t believe that we should use technology to make us smarter, or to enhance our bodily functions, I’m not totally against the use of it for medical reasons. It seems just to me that someone should be able to use the technology that is readily available or the kinds of technology that will be more advance in the future to help them detect or even cure a type of cancer or even help a blind person see.