Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a way for people to use and create a website without actually having to do any of the coding, they just sign up and start adding in the content, like WordPress!

They have become very beneficial for anyone that just wants to blog, or make a small website for their business. It takes the hassle out of having to hire someone to create a website for them and having to also stay in touch with that person if they wish to change anything about it. That saying, it is also taking these jobs away from people who love to build and create websites.

Although CMS are great for getting content out there on a smaller level, they would not be very beneficial for a larger company. For larger companies, someone that is actually hired to take care of the website and coding of the site is crucial.

Web v Print

There are many differences and even some similarities between web based design and printed design, some differences being the colour space, document setup, and layout (which could also be similar). The most different thing between the both that I absolutely love about printed designs is that they are more tactically interactive.

You can add things to printed designs like textures, embossing, and printed effects that just don’t do justice when displayed on a screen, you actually need to touch it to experience it.

On the other hand, web based designs are really versatile and things can always be changed, unlike print where once its out, its out for good. With new technology emerging and people discovering new ways, webs are beginning to become more interactive too. This can be seen through websites that have parallax scrolling and use other methods to boost user experience like adding audio and videos.

I think it really comes down to what people prefer, like reading books on an iPad or through paper, they both have their pros and cons.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design, or RWD, allows a website to respond to the different sizes of screens being used by users while keeping the same look and feel of the website (Firdaus, 2013). I believe that a responsive web design is crucial for any website to have. While I was doing a user experience survey on devices used, it was apparent that all devices from mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop are all used by all different people.With all of the different technology out there and all of the different devices that so many different people use, websites need to be able to adapt to these sizes, and RWD allows this to happen.


On the design side of things, I really like how RWD adapts and changes depending on the screen size being used, if you’re on your computer right now, drag your browser size around and you will see how it changes. I really love this concept of web design and I hope to be able to use it in any website that I create.

Firdaus, T. (2013). Responsive web design by example beginner’s guide (1st ed.). Birmingham: Packt Publishing Limited.


Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a technique that originates from film and game making and is now used in web design that creates a beautiful illusion of depth in a 2D world (Ku, 2015). The visual aesthetic it can create if used properly is very effect, to my eyes anyway. I love all of the different things that can be achieved with this parallax scrolling and as Ku (2015) mentioned in his article the rising trend for visual communication, parallax scrolling really seems to be the way to go if I am wanting to create a visually pleasing website for my users.

This first image is an example of a website that uses parallax scrolling.


This second website uses parallax scrolling but in a different way, when you move your mouse around the screen it changes and is very interactive.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 6.08.58 PM.png

Parallax scrolling is something that I would love to try and accomplish in my career.

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Bottled Poetry reviewed

These are beautifully designed bottles by Dennis Sommer and in collaboration with Talita Santos that have been designed to capture the essence that is held in the bottle. Originated from Vienna, the alcohol that is inside the bottles have been made with the aspirations of partly forgotten ingredients and natural flavours that have been used to create a unique drink. The flavours that have been engineered by Karl P. Egger have been thought out by turning alchemy into science. He was influenced by inspirations taken from all over the world, and the scents have been dedicated to scents of natures wealth.The design of these series aims to merge creativity with alcoholic spirits. Every bottle has been dyed by the essence of the fruit that is inside the drink by hand, creating a tasty drink to match an aesthetic bottle.


I think that this design works extremely well. It creates a more calm vibe for its consumers which is something that alcoholic drinks, and alcohol in general, does not do. The design of the different colours and style also draws your attention to it, this is a great attribute as there are a lot of alcoholic drinks in the market. Even the design of the information about the bottle works really well, it uses a lot of white space that is in the middle that sort of resembles the bottle its self, with there being a cap at the top, then the alcohol with it being clear and then the colour. I love that the colours all match the taste that is meant to be inside the bottle, this makes the design as a whole work brilliantly well. Just looking at the bottle creates a distraction and makes you even forget that its even an alcoholic drink, which I believe may be a good thing.

The design is about combining the look with the taste. It obviously does this very well as we commonly associate colours with a certain fruit or something familiar. I think that along with the calm vibe, it also portrays a sense that you are going to be drowning yourself in water, but because the water is colourful, drowning yourself in these waters wouldn’t be as bad, it is somewhat inviting to its consumers to drown in their sorrows. I think that it is also a great design for the younger market. Using colours and a watercolour effect would really draw to the younger consumers when they are trying to pick out something to drink.

These series of bottles are very pleasing to the eye, this means it would catch anyones attention enough to at least pick up the bottle and read what it’s about, or they might see the bottle and think oh, that’s (raspberry for example) flavoured. I think that it is an extremely well design, it’s aesthetically pleasing, tells a story and conveys a meaning.


Sommer, D. (2016). Packaging “Edelbrand Series” Retrieved 8 July 2016, from



I used Pinterest to create a board of curated content of a combination of things that inspire me and interest me. Something that really inspires me is the natural world and the animals that surrounds us and things that we see every, or most, days. I love the natural colour palate that mother nature has given us but then I also love seeing something that has been manmade and placed into our beautiful world.

Rock culture

With all of the driving I have been doing with travelling to uni, and my travels with work, the more I realise about trends with music genres. While pop is still pretty popular with radio stations such as nova, a common trend at the moment is reggae kind of songs like Beyoncés song Hold Up or the uprising hip hop artists Drakes One Dance. Along with thing this reggae genre, hip hop is also a very popular genre in the world. Christopher Hooton (2015) talks about this in his article saying that “The most interesting finding however is that hip-hop is the world’s top genre, showing up on playlists more than all others, regardless of geography or language”.

Beyonce(Beyoncé, Hold up, 2016)

Just in this year of the music I have been listening to on the radio, the more ‘rock’ kind of music has been released. While a lot of it has been English rock like The Beatles, I think that any kind of rock and its sub-genres will make a comeback in the next 5-10 years. Music artists will go back to relying on their music instruments instead of using technology, and people will start to appreciate this genre a lot more in the coming years.

I don’t believe it will be covers of these classic rock songs we have all heard of, but it will be more bands actually producing this style of music for everyone’s ears to hear.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset(Instruments, 2014)

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Media Use and Identity

There are many different forms of media in today’s world, so pinpointing all the media that I use and how I use it would probably take up a lot of waisted time, so I will just talk about the ones that I mainly use everyday or the most. The main sources of media that I use would have to be my phone, my computer, television, the radio, a certain magazine  and a book every now and then, and lately pencils would have to be one.

IMG_0138(Photo taken by me, 6/7/16)

My phone and computer and used mostly in the same ways. I use them mostly for social media; like Facebook, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, and tumblr. I commonly only use Facebook to keep in contact with my family members, to see what they are up to and for them to see what I am up to, I also use it to keep in contact with my friends from high school in wich we talk pretty much every day in our group chat. I use instagram for a number of things, whether it be posting my photos or looking at photos (mostly photos of those of my friends, looking at clothes, or looking up tattoo ideas), I also use tumblr is this same way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.57.22 AM(Screen shot,, retrieved 6/7/16)

I love using Pinterest as I can look up so many different things, from looking up recipes to craft ideas and DIY’s. Another thing I commonly use my phone for is music. The medium I use to listen to my music is Spotify. Spotify allows me to listen to any music that I like and it even makes a playlist for me weekly based on the kinds of music i have listened to. When I listen to Spotify on my phone, I love looking at the song or album cover designs, some of them are so beautifully simplistic, and some of them are just really aesthetically pleasing to me. I also use Spotify while I am making things or doing something creatively in general. These are a few of the songs that I really like at the moment and/or the cover photos for them.

(Screen shot, Spotify Music, my songs, retrieved 6/7/16)

When I say television is another media use of mine, I mostly mean Netflix. I probably use this the most out of all of my media uses. I use it to watch a wide variety of tv shows, I love tv shows because compared to a movie, you learn more about the characters and their stories and this causes you to become attached to them, and I love that good tv shows enable you to do this. I also use Netflix to have in the background while I am doing assignments because it keeps me from getting extremely side tracked by using social media. Another media use that I use pretty much every day is the radio. The radio station I listen to is triple j. I love their variety of music that they play and also the types of music. I also use triple j for my news outlet, they commonly only talk about things that are important or things that are happening Australia or World wide and I love listening to their ‘Hack‘ show. The Hack talks about things that matter most to young Australians and they allow other people to get involved in the discussion.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.29.46 AM(Screen shot, Netflix, my list, retrieved 6/7/16)

Another source of media that I use is the magazine Frankie. It’s a magazine about; design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, home, and life. The only publish issues every two months but they also have a website where they may post other things too. I mostly use Frankie for the design and craft aspect. I love making things and Frankie always have different craft blogs published. The last media use that I mentioned was pencils. When I say pencils I am talking about lead pencils and colouring pencils. While starting my design course I have had to do a lot of thumbnails and rough sketches for designs, drawings, and work in class.

(Frankie Magazine, past issues, retrieved from 6/7/16)

All, or most, of the media I use are used for a variety of different reasons. A common reason for some of them are to make things. This is something that I love doing and these mediums alow me to do so.


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What Brought Me Here

So, we have been asked to write blog posts for one of our assignments and the very first blog task is ‘What brought you here?’. I have been thinking really hard and thought that it was kind of a hard question to answer, but then the answer came to me when I was looking at going to Maroochydore Music and Visual Arts festival (MMVAF) again for this years lineup.

I went to MMVAF last year purely to see me favourite artists, Flight Facilities. Their music just amazes me and it is one of those albums that you need to listen to with headphones in your ears. It is like magic.


(Down To Earth, Album cover, Flight Facilities)

Anyways, its not audio that I’m doing, its design. When I was at MMVAF there were a lot of art works on display and the one that really stood out was an art display from Amanda Parer. These huge bunnies that lit up the night sky were absolutely beautiful and eye catching. I was thinking to myself, how can something so simple be so exquisite? I was in total awe by them.

11866339_10203814808044149_9009547077202067482_n(Photo taken by me, Maroochydore, 2015)

I started to see everything and anything from that point with admiration for its simplicity to be so beautiful and visualising pleasing. Even just looking at the cover for Flight Facilities’s album, I love that it is so simple yet tells you everything you need to know, and the MMVAF website just astonishes me. The fact that people can actually make all of these designs and put it onto a website or page for everyone to see, now that is the kind of job I want to be doing for the rest of my working life.


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